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Who's learning?

People across the UK are developing their skills in various ways. This could be to improve their job prospects or simply because they would like to develop their personal skills in different areas.

Advance will provide you with learning materials to help you improve your potential.

There's a wide range of courses available to you, in areas such as:

  • maths
  • English
  • English as a second language (ESOL)
  • health and safety
  • health and wellbeing
  • personal development
  • employability

Advance provides these materials in a flexible way, allowing you to learn in your own time and at your own pace.

Andy's story

Andy's picture 'Using the materials available on Advance has really helped me develop my skills and get a job after being unemployed for some time. Advance is great because it allows me to dip in and out of the courses when I've got the time. Working through the courses helped me gain the skills and the confidence to apply for jobs that are right for me. Now I am working in a job that I really enjoy, and am using the skills I learnt in Advance!'

Why Advance?

People who take Advance courses find that their skills are improved in all sorts of ways. Here are some comments from users about Advance.

  • 'It helped me find the right job for me.'
  • 'I'm better at my finances.'
  • 'It's improved my confidence at work.'
  • 'It's made me feel that I can try for that promotion!'
  • 'I can now help my children with their homework.'

Plus, if you need help to work through the materials or want feedback on your progress, there's a team of experienced tutors ready to help.